Creative Direction, Production & Editing

Empathy is one word, so simple yet so difficult. It is what we are all looking for but most of us cannot find in a digital age.  

Brand Experience Design

A social market place driven by community and influencers, where user generated content and product curation creates user-profile based store fronts that unlock a unique social brand experience.  

Interaction & Product Design 

A single purpose artifact or some will call it, the cat of the future. 

Art Direction

A visual story inspired by the perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or pathway.   

Brand & Retail Experience Design 

When the world's most successful fashion blog translates to a three dimensional experience. 

Service Design 

One simple solution for making public transportation more flexible, accessible and adaptable.

Creative Strategy 

How creative problem solving can support the integration of displaced refugees worldwide? 

Process & Learning Experience Design 

A gamified digital learning experience for reducing the fear behind opening a company.  

Process & Learning Experience Design 

Unlocking creativity is the purpose of this card game. 

Art Direction

A dramatic visual story inspired by Caravaggio's artistic style, tenebrism.

Creative Strategy & Learning Design 

Adaptive micro learning experience based on geo-location and AR.

Spatial Experience Design 

The ultimate spatial experience for a digital age. Let yourself look inside. 

Art Direction & Photography

A visual story about one question, what is real?


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